Grown with Waterwick

You may have some questions such as; what is that blue / white fuse that hangs under the pot? What is Grown with Waterwick? What advantages do I have with this? We are happy to answer this and tell you more about this wonderful sustainable cultivation system from which everyone benefits.

Thanks to this innovative way of growing, the moisture of the substrate (potting soil) in the pot is always optimal. This is the key to a healthy strong plant, both in our nursery and in the window frame of the consumer…

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Endless Flowering

Endless Flowering consists of a wide range of beautiful pot Anthuriums grown with a lot of passion and love. You immediately recognize the love, attention and care that every Anthurium receives from us. Our collection has the following pot sizes; 9cm, 12cm, 17cm, 21cm and 27cm. Each size has its own quality and strength.

We have a special compact anthurium series (Multi flora Compacta) in our collection, which has a distinctive appearance, it is compact, has much smaller flowers and a full plant structure. A real “one-of-a-kind” product group that is exclusively available from us.

Many pot Anthuriums have been sold under this name in the past 20 years. Curious about an overview of the entire collection of species? Or care tips?

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The Botany Collection consists of a small selection of green tropical house plants. These have been selected with great care. The plants grow in the same growing conditions as our pot Anthuriums and therefore also develop strong root formation. A strong plant that you as a consumer will enjoy for a long time.

We are constantly developing and looking to expand the range that falls within this group of ‘Botany’ varieties.

The Alocasia Zebrina is known as a real attention grabber. Many blogs pay a lot of attention to this. The stems are partly the cause of this trend, recognizable by the ‘zebra’ stripes.

Another name for this plant is also called ‘elephant ear‘. As you would expect, this is named after the large leaves.

This Philodendron Shangri-La is unique because of the compact structure and the many leaves, creating a green oasis in your environment.

This Philodendron is unique and a plant that is easy to maintain. A popular plant that brings a ‘jungle’ feeling.

Karma Creations

Terrarium – Grow your own

The terrarium with the KARMA Million Flowers is a nice asset and retains its own humidity, making it incredibly easy to maintain.

Place the terrarium in a light place, but not in direct sunlight. You will notice that condensation forms in the terrarium, which releases the plant itself in oxygen.

Agua di Karma

Agua di Karma is a NEW addition to the range. A 100% completely eco-friendly product with no plastic. Here we have made a careful anthurium selection whose roots are strong enough.

Not every Anthurium is suitable for this concept, which is why our team has tested extensively to select the right one before it enters the market.

If you want to add this Agua di Karma to your collection at home, make sure that it does not contain more than 2cm of water. The roots should be in contact with the water but the leaves and flowers should not.

Agua di Karma – Back to it’s roots… 

The Grower

The grower behind Karma Selections is the Langelaan family. Since 2000, the company behind a large number of pot Anthuriums with heart and soul. The goal was to market high-quality anthuriums from the start. Attention and passion for the plants was quickly recognized by many and the new generation has now started running the company. In the meantime, it has grown to almost 9 hectares, where quality is still a top priority.