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Your anthurium is grown with dedication, love and passion by an authentic family from Holland. With over 20 years of experience they are well-known for their high quality potanthuriums (flamingo plant) throughout Europe. With continuously growth and new innovations they are always producing beauties with you as the main priority.

This website is therefor build for your convenience and with caring tips and tricks below we hope to answer questions so you can enjoy your ‘Endless Flowering’ anthurium the longest. Not finding your question or other information? Please drop us an email by filling out the form full below the website. 

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Our Karma Collection is sold under Endless Flowering. It is central of all of our potanthuriums (flamingo plants). It has a unique recognition with the circle and ‘K’ in between what stands for ‘Karma’ the company name. Quick selection below.

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Our collections in added value are also something to look for. Each season we create new added values options to our plants which are trendy and especially selected for a perfect fit for each plant. Below our new concepts upcoming seasons…

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Agua di Karma is a NEW productline from us. A 100% Eco-friendly product, no plastic used, where we selected the perfect anthuriums that can grow with their roots in direct water. A true eye-catcher in each interior. Check below for more info…

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How to keep the anthurium flowering?

Who doesn’t like new flowers? Anthuriums bloom throughout the year about 3 times for a period of three months. If your Anthurium hasn’t produced new flowers for over 3 months, there are a few steps you can do. Place your plant closer to a window with more daylight, do not water it more than once a week, and check your local shop for Anthurium fertiliser.

I got yellow leafs and brown flowers…

When you have yellow spots on one or more leafs it means that the anthurium gets too much sunlight. Try to place your plant a bit further away but still in a spot where daylight finds the plant.

When the new leafs stay lighter green it means that it is getting too little daylight and needs to be placed a bit more towards a lighter space. 

Old leafs that turn fully brown or yellow can be easily removed by pulling it out. The best part of that is that it provides you new leafs and flowers once you removed old leafs and flowers.

How do I repot into a bigger size pot?

Anthuriums can grow under good circumstances quite quick. This means that at some point you need a bigger pot size 🙂 So what to do then? 

Always do this during the spring as the lighting outside will stimulate the plant more for growing and rooting in it’s new pot. Make sure that the diameter is 25% bigger then it’s previous pot. Use anthurium soil to fill up the pot with some extra anthurium feed. Make the soil moist but not soaking wet and give it time to grow.

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Caring tips

Water your plant to its needs, it depends on the weather outside and your room temperature inside. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet. 
Summer months: approx. twice a week
Other months: approx. once a week

We love to place the anthurium close to the window but during summer months keep it from direct sunlight, as your plant will get burn marks from the sun. 
Summer months: keep it away from direct sunlight
Other months: natural daylight, close to the window

Keep your anthurium at room temperature. Perfect temperature would be 19 till 21 degrees 🙂 

Did you know that an anthuriums provides clean air which improves your health and direct surroundings. This has been scientific acknowledged by NASA. The more anthuriums the cleaner the air 😉



Loving the Million Flowers!

by Heidi van Es, Belgium 

I bought around 3 months ago this Million Flowers. Never have I ever saw so many flowers in an anthurium! Will buy one more for my mother-in-law as she loves plants!

Yellow anthurium

by Adriana Italy

I love this colour and already have it flowered for three times! Bought it at my local florist shop,  which was not even planned but I couldn’t resist 🙂

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Terrarium ♥

by Lucia Sessa, Italy

First I couldn’t believe how easy this is. In the past month I only watered it once. It is keeping itself moist and by far the easiest plant I have, and I have a lot… Big thanks!