Sustainable cultivation

It already starts the moment the plants are put in the cultivation pot. The Waterwick ensures constant contact with water. The development of its own water buffer bucket in which the plant with cultivation pot is placed has therefore been an invention that fully matches this method with the ultimate growth. This water buffer bucket contains water and the wick hangs in it so that it absorbs the water like a straw.

This ensures stress-free growth of the plant because it does not have to wait for nutrition. Like humans, each plant has its own needs. The Grown with Waterwick system therefore meets this need and ensures strong root formation, whereby the plant already has a strong foundation when purchased in the store. This means that the plant can be enjoyed longer.

All water comes from a water basin and all water is recycled 100%, which is not used. The water basin is covered with more than 6,000 floating solar panels. Not only is the water used in a sustainable way, but the energy is also generated in a sustainable way.