Karma Creations

Terrarium – Grow your own

The terrarium with the KARMA Million Flowers is a nice asset and retains its own humidity, making it incredibly easy to maintain.

Place the terrarium in a light place, but not in direct sunlight. You will notice that condensation forms in the terrarium, which releases the plant itself in oxygen.

Agua di Karma

Agua di Karma is a NEW addition to the range. A 100% completely eco-friendly product with no plastic. Here we have made a careful anthurium selection whose roots are strong enough.

Not every Anthurium is suitable for this concept, which is why our team has tested extensively to select the right one before it enters the market.

If you want to add this Agua di Karma to your collection at home, make sure that it does not contain more than 2cm of water. The roots should be in contact with the water but the leaves and flowers should not.

Agua di Karma – Back to it’s roots…