Grown With Waterwick

The blue / white wick (Waterwick) that is attached to the bottom of the cultivation pot has been developed to absorb water and thus come into contact with the potting soil and the roots. It ensures constant contact with water and thus nutrition for the plant.

Water buffer

This innovation was developed by the grower himself, looking at sustainability, functionality, but above all ease of care for the consumer. The advantage of the Waterwick starts when the plants are placed in the nursery in the white cultivation buckets. The Waterwick ensures constant contact with water.

The water reservoir is located at the bottom of the cultivation bucket and the wick hangs in it so that it sucks the water upwards like a straw. This culture bucket is designed in such a way that the reservoir can be filled from below.

The Plant in a nursery pot is placed in this bucket where the Waterwick makes contact with the water reservoir. As the plant grows, water evaporates which is automatically replenished thanks to the wick, so that the moisture level of the potting soil at the roots is always the same.

This ensures stress-free growth of the plant because it does not have to wait for nutrition. A plant that feels good has many healthy roots and is a lot stronger. This allows you as a consumer to enjoy our plants for longer with this handy wick.