Keep the anthurium flowering

Who doesn’t like new flowers? Anthuriums bloom throughout the year about 3 times for a period of three months. If your Anthurium hasn’t produced new flowers for over 3 months, there are a few steps you can do. Place your plant closer to a window with more daylight, do not water it more than once a week, and check your local shop for Anthurium fertiliser.

The best location for anthuriums

Anthuriums do not like direct sunlight during the hot summer months and prefer a light place with normal daylight. You recognise the best location when you see new flowers. When it is to dark it will not flower as much. Keep it away from a hot radiator. 

yellow leafs and brown flowers

When you have yellow spots on one or more leafs it means that the anthurium gets too much sunlight. Try to place your plant a bit further away but still in a spot where daylight finds the plant.

When the new leafs stay lighter green it means that it is getting too little daylight and needs to be placed a bit more towards a lighter space. 

Old leafs that turn fully brown or yellow can be easily removed by pulling it out. The best part of that is that it provides you new leafs and flowers once you removed old leafs and flowers.

Can I eat the anthurium

An anthurium is NOT to be consumed, which means that you can not eat it. It is a natural grown plant that originated from the tropical forrest but as many other plants not everything that is green can be eaten ;-). 

If for some reason you friend on for legs or anyone else eats it by accident it is not an emergency but we advise to contact your local doctor.

repot into a bigger size pot

Anthuriums can grow under good circumstances quite quick. This means that at some point you need a bigger pot size 🙂 So what to do then? 

Always do this during the spring as the lighting outside will stimulate the plant more for growing and rooting in it’s new pot. Make sure that the diameter is 25% bigger then it’s previous pot. Use anthurium soil to fill up the pot with some extra anthurium feed. Make the soil moist but not soaking wet and give it time to grow.

Any special way to cut flowers?

When we ourselves prepare the plant for export we clean the plant by pulling out carefully old leafs or flowers. This way you get the full stem and the growing process will stimulate flowering of a new stem or flower. 

You can also use a scissor but always be careful for not damaging or cutting a good flower or leaf as the chance is bigger that you hit something other then the old leaf or flower.