The Botany Collection consists of a small selection of green tropical house plants. These have been selected with great care. The plants grow in the same growing conditions as our pot Anthuriums and therefore also develop strong root formation. A strong plant that you as a consumer will enjoy for a long time.

We are constantly developing and looking to expand the range that falls within this group of ‘Botany’ varieties.

The Alocasia Zebrina is known as a real attention grabber. Many blogs pay a lot of attention to this. The stems are partly the cause of this trend, recognizable by the ‘zebra’ stripes.

Another name for this plant is also called ‘elephant ear‘. As you would expect, this is named after the large leaves.

This Philodendron Shangri-La is unique because of the compact structure and the many leaves, creating a green oasis in your environment.

This Philodendron is unique and a plant that is easy to maintain. A popular plant that brings a ‘jungle’ feeling.