Alocasia Zebrina

This beautiful Alocasia Zebrina is known as a real attention grabber. Many blogs pay a lot of attention to this. The stems are partly the cause of this trend, recognizable by the ‘zebra’ stripes.

Another name for this plant is also called ‘elephant ear’. As you would expect, this is named after the large leaves.


The Alocasia ‘Zebrina’ originates from the tropical rainforest of South East Asia. Here the locals used the leaves for the roofs of their houses. The leaves can grow up to a meter long and are therefore ideal against wind and rain showers.

Care tips

Place this plant in a light place. The leaves grow towards the light

Water the plant once a week. Note that if the soil still feels moist, do not overwater.

The ideal temperature for the plant is between 19 and 21 degrees.